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Reach millions of social gamers, not only as an advertiser, but as a focal point of the games.


Advertising with Social Games

To date, the only way for advertisers to interact with the millions of social gamers was through virtual product placement, banner display, and in game video advertisements. These methods not only lack in direct engagement with players, but also fail to successfully integrate an advertiser’s brand and product as a focal point of the game.


The Market

Social gaming represents an exploding market of hundreds of millions of monthly users with billions of dollars exchanging hands annually.

The US social gaming market, including smartphones, is projected to be a $5 billion market by 2015.

With such games being provided as a service on mobile devices, they can be accessed in virtually any setting and with great flexibility.
Facebook, the Apple App Store, and Google Play provide trusted distribution networks that reach hundreds of millions of consumers every day.

Why Advertise with Scratch?


Scratch successfully marries Social Gaming and Mobile Advertising.


A Disruptive technology transforming social games into prize platforms.


Our match 3 prize raffle actively engages players with real product rewards across Facebook, iOS, and Android environments.


Your brand will achieve millions of meaningful impressions and continuous exposure as an actual achievement point within games.

Scratch helps you to be Social!

Scratch is engineered to successfully exploit the social networks through incentivized sharing and prize postings. The reach of your advertising grows virally as it leverages our social network plugins (Facebook and Twitter), Facebook campaigns, and growth of the Scratch platform itself.

Your brand and products will become an integral component of Scratch and marketing of the platform, not merely a tangential message.

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